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Hajjy Recognized as the #1Tailor in Scarborough

Hajjy, the Master Tailor of Hajjy & Sons and Master Tailor & Cleaners has been recognized by Scarborough and the community of Sheppard East Village as the best Tailor in Scarborough. With Hajjy's ongoing commitment to client satisfaction, Hajjy has established a successful résumé second to none.

Hajjy - Master Tailor & Cleaners

It is no surprise that Abdul, or Hajjy as everyone calls him, showed up at the interview for this biography in a perfectly tailored suit. He has been tailoring fine clothing since he was a young boy in Afghanistan.

Hajjy is a well known tailor in Scarborough as he has build his reputation by making the customers creative ideas into real life.

Hajjy, or "Master" as most people call him, has earned this name as he is the teacher to most of Toronto's local Tailors. Hajjy says "I love to help my students who I have thought, and now work for companies like, Harry Rosen, or Tip Top Tailor; they always call me and ask for my professional opinion when they are stuck fixing a garment and don't know how to make it."

Hajjy opened Master Tailor & Cleaners, located in the large plaza at Markham Road and Sheppard, in 2003.

He is meticulous in his workmanship and difficult projects are often referred to him because he has such an extensive background in the craft of tailoring. He can be found hard at work in his store six days a week. He listens carefully to his customers and gives them excellent service. It is for this reason that many of them are repeat customers.

“Small details matter” says Hajjy. “I like the Sheppard East Village because it is so ethnically diverse - I have customers from all over the world.” Hajjy can custom-make fine clothing from the many fabrics he has on hand. “When I see a guy walking down the street I know what small adjustments I can make to his suit to make it fit perfectly” he says. He loves the spring season when all the graduating students come to see him for their prom dresses and suits. He wants everything to be perfect for their special day.

He considers his shop a family business - with his wife assisting in the shop and his 3 grown sons helping out when they are not busy studying.

Master Tailor & Cleaners specializes in custom made bespoke clothing for men and women and also sells dress clothing, accessories, and offers custom alterations and expert dry cleaning.

“I have a membership card available for my customers. When they join for a year, they get 10% off any of our services. It is my way of thanking them for their loyalty.”

When he is not at his shop, Hajjy likes to dine in the area with his family, often ordering fresh kebabs and rice. He also enjoys watching basketball on T.V. and is a Toronto Raptors’ fan.

This is ‘share’ in Hajjy’s language: درميان گزاشتن

You can reach him at

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