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Getting Married? Say "I Do" with Hajjy & Sons Luxury Tuxedo

If your reading this then you definitely want to look better then the bride on your wedding day. Jokes aside, if there is one thing a man should have custom made, it’s a classic tuxedo.

Classic Hajjy & Sons Tuxedo

At Hajjy & Sons we know that you probably will only have one chance to outshine the bride on your wedding day, and those rental tuxedo's (which add up over time) aren't gonna get you any attention. Your more likely to be photographed more on your Wedding day then any other day in your life. A man's wedding is when he should dress and look his best.

Odds are your probably thinking why invest so much on a custom made suit on your wedding, when money is tight? Because a you can wear a Tuxedo suit to any formal occasion and its going to last you a lifetime.

At Hajjy & Sons we believe that the suit you wear on your big day should be a suit of a lifetime.


Getting Started:

Ideally, we encourage our Bride & Grooms to schedule an appointment with one of our Expert Designers Advisors three to six months in advance of the wedding to discuss your vision. Key components such as where the wedding will be held, when is the wedding, how many people attending, and what is the theme of the wedding help our experts present the best design as well as fabric to make you look fabulous.

Remember, when creating a Custom Tuxedo with Hajjy & Sons, we want you and your ideas to design the wedding suit you've always wanted and dreamt of wearing.



Here are some tips and answers to creating your Custom Wedding Suit:

1. Choosing a reputable tailor is the key. You want to make sure the person making your suit is a real person and not a computer. At Hajjy & Sons we know how important the suit you wear to your wedding is, thats why we have real people working with you to create you a piece that will last you a lifetime.

2. Don't be afraid to wear a colour different then the traditional Black Tuxedo. Wear a midnight blue tuxedo to give the garment more depth, and chances are no now will be able to tell, but rather they will notice how sharp you are looking.

3. We often get asked, should I have 2 buttons on my tuxedo or 1? The answer is 1 button unless your able to rock a double breasted tuxedo to add more flavour

4. Stain! Stain! Stain! All your pocket trims, the lapels, pant stripes should all the stain to make your tuxedo look shiny while also smooth.

5. The lapel of the Tuxedo should be ether Shawl or Peak. Leave the Notch lapel for work.

6. No vent, One vent or Two Vents? Our master tailor Hajjy encourages groom's to have two vents so that when they are sitting, they are not actually sitting on the tail of their jacket.

7. The pants you are wearing should have very minimal break to keep the tuxedo looking elegant while the tuxedo sleeve should be 1/2 shorter then the shirt sleeve.

8.The biggest mistake grooms make when wearing a tuxedo, is they pair it with a ill fitting shirt. Get a custom made shirt from Hajjy & Sons to go with your elegant Tuxedo.

9. The shirt fabric that you choose to be made, should be white but a heavily textured cloth.

10. CUSTOMIZATION! Hey you got a custom made suit so don't be afraid to add a little customization such as putting your name on the inside lining of your tuxedo. Or your initials on your shirt sleeve and adding your wedding date to the back collar of the suit!


Don't be afraid to look better then the bride on your wedding day.

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